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The Choice for Saving Lives


We don’t want to manage your cancer. We want to cure it.

Since 1984, Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia has specialized in curing prostate cancer, not just treatment of the disease. We’ve treated more than 14,000 men with ProstRcision® and have tracked each one of them before and during treatment as well as for years afterwards. As a result, we’ve compiled one of the largest computerized databases on prostate cancer in the United States. This information helps us tremendously as we treat our current patients. It also allows us to track our overall cure rate and provide patients with their Individual Cure Rates (ICR).

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The Process.

The actual procedure we use is called ProstRcision®, a process by which tiny seed implants containing radiation destroy the prostate from within and kill the cancer. The seeds can act as a target for the follow-up External Beam, and the External Beam radiation can treat any cells outside the prostate capsule.  The database gives us a wealth of information based on past results. This combination of technique and data is why ProstRcision® has the world’s highest documented cure rate for prostate cancer.

Tough Standards.

By our standards, for a man to be considered cured, he must have a PSA level of 0.2 or less, 10 years after he was treated. That’s a high bar to clear and we’re proud to say that 83 percent of our patients do. We base our cure rate on a 10-year period. Only Johns Hopkins Hospital uses a similar measurement.

Less surgery, fewer risks.

We can’t guarantee you won’t have side effects. But compared to a procedure like a radical prostatectomy, ProstRcision® involves far less surgery. This greatly increases the chance you’ll maintain important muscle control and sexual function. And patients who have ProstRcision® can return to work the day after the first part of the procedure.

We have a separate website dedicated to ProstRcision® that includes a thorough Q&A section to help you understand prostate cancer and how you can have a major role in deciding your treatment method.  To view this site, click here: