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Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia specializes in the treatment and cure of prostate cancer. ProstRcision® (pronounced PROS-ter-si-shun) is a unique technique for curing prostate cancer. ProstRcision® uses a combination of pinpoint irradiation by seed implants and conformal beam irradiation to simultaneously destroy the prostate and prostate cancer from within, in addition to targeting surrounding tissue for possible microscopic capsule penetration.  ProstRcision®, the oldest and most effective prostate cancer treatment program, is only available at Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia. It is also the largest seed implant program in the United States. For over 25 years, our doctors have worked to improve men’s chances for survival, while lowering the chance of side effects. And we’ve succeeded beyond our expectations.

A history of excellence

Since 1979, we have maintained extensive data on each of our prostate cancer patients and compiled our observations into one of the largest computerized databases on prostate cancer in the U.S. Each man is tracked before and during treatment, and for years after treatment has concluded. This database, which now represents more than 15,000 men, is vital to the success of our treatment. Based on this data, our doctors can tailor each patient’s treatment and provide him with his Individual Cure Rate.  To find out more and to get your Individual Cure Rate, click here:

On top of the rigorous decade of education and training required of any surgeon, ProstRcision® doctors undergo one additional year of procedural instruction and surgical experience before they can perform ProstRcision® on their own. This is in direct comparison to all other seed implant doctors. No wonder men from all 50 states and over 40 countries have come to Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia

ProstRcision® is a treatment that is only performed by the physicians at Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, a center of excellence in radiation treatment for cancer.  For more information on the prostate cancer treatment option ProstRcision®, visit